What’s New in Client Hub! Client Tasks and Files Manager

As always, we here at Client Hub listen carefully to feedback and feature requests from our Accounting Partners. Our December release is an example of our commitment to continue to deliver a world class solution to help accountants and bookkeepers be more productive while delivering exceptional client service.

Client Tasks

With our December 2019 release, we renamed/relabeled the “Tracked Items’ feature to “Client Tasks”.  Client Tasks is our signature and most powerful feature that allows accountants and bookkeepers the ability to send and track requests to clients for answers, information and documents. This new simpler name is more aligned to help staff and clients understand it more intuitively.

Files Manager

We have overhauled the Files feature within the workspaces to include additional functionality. The new Files Manager features provides a simple and secure way for accounting professionals to organize and share documents and files with their clients within their Client Hub workspace account.

With Files Manager, accountant users can:

  • Rename and organize existing files uploaded to Conversations or Client Tasks.
  • Create client folders and subfolders for organizing files.
  • Upload files directly to folders for client access
  • Upload and store “Staff only files” related to client work (these files will not be visible to client users)

Client users have access to download all files in the Client Share folders, however they cannot rename or move files.

Mobile App Updates

Updates have been made to the Client Hub mobile apps for both iOS and Android to now allow for access to files in the Files Manager and to address minor usability issues reported by some users.

Want to Learn More?

If you aren’t yet a Client Hub partner and want to learn more about our solution you can click here to schedule a product demo or visit our website at https://clienthub.app/#/

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