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Totally Booked

Kelly Gonsalves is focused on the future of the Accounting Industry. Kelly founded Totally Booked, based in NYC, in 2015 to help business owners find empowerment in their financials.

Q: Tell us about your firm, the services you provide, and what kind of clients you work with.

  • A We are 4 years in business this month!!! We provide bookkeeping services for small businesses via QuickBooks Online. We specialize in using technology to streamline our client’s processes so they can save time and stress!

Q: What were some of the reasons for implementing Client Hub in your firm?

  • A: Email was becoming the death of my productivity, and my staff was feeling the pain! Clients would email me a document, or requesting a meeting maybe and it would get lost in the shuffle. I’d take days to get back to them, or get that document to whomever needed it.   

Q: What has your firm’s experience been using Client Hub?

  • A We implemented Client Hub about 6 months ago and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Client Hub has replaced all email communication with existing clients, as well as some prospects so they can learn how we work as we begin to engage (thanks to Monique Swansen for that idea!). By having our client’s apps easily accessible inside their Client Hub workspace, as well as any resources they need to reference they’re a bit more independent. Additionally, though, they’re reaching out to us for advice rather than their QB login. They’re also more confident that they’ll hear back from us sooner even if I’m traveling, or a staff member is out of the office. 

Q: What is your favorite Client Hub resource? 

  • A: My favorite feature, by far, is the ability to assign tasks and request documents securely from our clients/prospects. This has completely changed our on-boarding processes and provided a much smoother experience all around. 

Q: What is a success story you’d like to share about your firm’s experience with Client Hub?

  • A: When we set up Client Hub for a new client I source all of the logos of the apps/sites/etc that they will need in the Apps section. I want them to have something familiar that they can click right into. Additionally we have documents like cheat sheets for the apps they’ll be using that we drop into the Resources section. I want them to use this as a real hub for all things bookkeeping. 

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